What is Slow Living?

We live in a world that moves at 100mph and we know that our planet is heating up, our oceans are rising and our land is being depleted for agriculture. Slow Living or the Slow Living Movement is a lifestyle that encourages slower approaches to everyday aspects of life. These slower approaches could be anything from slowing down your daily activities, to choosing a plastic-free, zero waste, vegan lifestyle.

To help you along the way, at The Slow Living Company, we offer zero waste, vegan and plastic-free essentials that we hope you’ll love and reuse for years to come.

Because the planet is so important to us, we donate 1% of our total sales revenue each year to 1% For The Planet. They then disperse this cash across their non-profit partners. Each of their non-profit partners focus on one or more of the following six core areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. So please join us in supporting this amazing cause.

Gabi & Craig (Co-founders)