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Bamboo Safety Razor: How to Guide

Whether you have recently purchased our Bamboo Safety Razor or are just looking to find out more, we thank you for taking the time to switch to an eco friendly alternative and help make our planet a better place.

The Safety Razor

Our double-edged safety razor is made from zinc alloy, bamboo and copper, resulting in a sustainable, durable razor that will outlive your conventional razors. If cared for correctly, our razor can serve you for decades. By switching you are helping to reduce the number of disposable razors that end up in landfills and pollute our environment.

Advantages of Switching

Once you have tried our bamboo safety razor you’ll wonder why you never switched sooner. The trend of conventional razors is the more blades the better. The problem with having more blades is that they end up cutting the hair beneath the skin, increasing the risk of ingrown hairs. Once you have made the switch, you will soon notice that you have less ingrown hairs and your skin will generally be less irritated. Having one blade is healthier your skin!

How to Guide

If you have purchased one of our bamboo safety razors, read our how to guide below to find hints, tips and instructions on how to use your brand new razor.

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If you are yet to make the swith to an eco-friendly safety razor, no worries, we have it covered. Sometimes it takes a little bit of research to help you on your way.

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