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Earthships are the ultimate reclaimed creation, full stop!

We have always had an underlying passion for nature, the environment and all things upcycled. When we first met at University we talked about business ventures that encompassed renewable resources and the real driver to us becoming avid upcyclers was when we first discovered Earthships.

An Earthship is a type of passive solar house that is made of both natural and upcycled materials – the main structure is built with earth packed tyres. The term is a registered trademark of Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture and the Earthship Academy in Taos, New Mexico.

A building cannot be considered an Earthship unless it addresses six principles or human needs:

  • Thermal/Solar heating and cooling
  • Solar and wind electricity
  • Contained sewage treatment
  • Building with natural and recycled materials
  • Water harvesting
  • Food production

Earthships are intended to be off the grid homes, with minimal to no reliance on both public utilities and fossil fuels. The great thing about these buildings is that they are designed to be built by anyone with little to no building knowledge or experience. However, if like us you would prefer to have a little bit of knowledge around the building process before diving in head first, you can always apply to do the Earthship training academy in the USA (

This is a real desire for us, and the dream is to eventually build and live in our very own Earthship – this might sound crazy but this would be the ultimate upcycling project.

Until that day…which may be some time…we are currently planning a trip to see an Earthship in Brighton (, built by the Low Carbon Trust, its the first Earthship to be built in England (blog to follow). The only downside to this visit is that it may make us a little more impatient for our dream to come true.

If like us you are intrigued by Earthships or just want to know what we are talking about, we urge you to watch Garbage Warrior, a great documentary about Michael Reynolds himself and his journey to developing the Earthship into the phenomenon it is today (

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